Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Inadvertent Gestures

One October evening, the sky was wearing a dark black dress with a lustrous veil and a gentle zephyr, brought the smell of the Earth. Birds were flying unitedly to reach their homes for shelter. Chhaya, walking tardily, felt the cold yet enjoyed the weather. She was dressed in her best clothes, a lovely baby pink wrap over with pink slip-ons and a bag. Every movement of hers pictured her mood. Flipping out her legs, she passed the tiled sidewalk and then leaping from the pavement, she moved to a grassy surface.

Walking past under a tree, suddenly Chhaya felt a hand on her shoulders, the tactual sensation that stayed very close to her heart. Even before she turned to see who it was, she knew. Those eyes that spoke without words and would reassure that “I’m there for you.”… Those lips that would say “Hi, Chhaya!” with a lovely smile that enlightened the day… Those arms that would pat on her head to bid goodbye and would comfort her when she’s sad…

Chhaya could hear the voice she was longing for. It said “Hi, Chhaya” in a husky way. She was flying in the air. She felt as though the Heaven had come down to Earth just for her. She could hear some birds chirping happily from their nests. Chhaya knew this would be the best day in her life. She couldn’t believe her ears. The weather grew worse and the wind started blowing raspingly as though it’s going to take away everything from her. Every time she missed him, she could figure out that her love on him was growing deeper and deeper. She had many dubious thoughts running all over her mind and wanted to ask him if he ever loved her. Something was really stopping her in asking so. Finally she uttered those words to know the truth, “Do you love me?”

Tring……….. Tring…………..
Tring……….. Tring…………..

That was her mobile. She picked it up and said “Hello, Chhaya here”. It started to rain heavily. She replied back to the person over the phone, “On my way home honey!”.