Saturday, November 17, 2007

Life Main Kabhi Kabhi...........

You should be wondering what I'm going to write now with that title on the top. It's also connected to the name of my blog. People ask me why i kept the name "Just Deep In" for my blog? That's the name of my diary. It's not surprising, isn't it? Girls keep names for everything and anything that's close to their heart.

So... Why have I kept this title? Certain things that's happening in my life right now is not the way i wanted it to happen. Just to share how I feel when I score low in GRE and how my passion -Bharathanatyam, is fading away from me.

Why is it I scored low in GRE? Didn't I practice enough? Or did I loose my concentration? Finding answers to all these questions, I could figure out that to gain something you must loose another thing. So, what did I loose here and what did I gain? I could measure myself with the test, the ability to express my thoughts in words and the wanting to write more and more. My brother would ask me to read books and newspaper. I never did that until 3 months ago when I decided to write GRE. It's not that easy to learn English words in such a short span. May be I found answers to all my questions.

Talking about my passion, it's not only Bharathanatyam but any form of dance. Now that it's only Bharathanatyam, my performing art. Why am I loosing interest? No, it's not the interest as such. When you find politics interfering everywhere, you loose your passionateness. What do I mean by politics here? It's not about the ruling party or the non-ruling party, I mean the relationship with the students and their teacher and the bond with their co-learners. It's hard to tolerate, when you see people who learn art only for the sake of earning fame and not for the love towards it. These incidents really disturb me a lot. Would the world change?