Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Learning from mistakes......!

Nobody tells you what "love" is. Parents never talk about it and siblings say "just stay away from it". As far as i've experienced, love is the keyword for doing something. You can even term it as "achieving something". If u dont love it, you'll never do the work precisely. But most of us make mistakes in search of love. To name a few- 5 Galatiyan! - it's on the right side. If you are in love, it means you've lost your peace of mind. Yes, there's always a curate's egg in everything.

Despite the fact, everyone must feel it!

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நாகை சிவா said...


sri said...

gud one sushmita....nvr xpctd u wl writ a heart touchn blog....

aditya said...

Ur first couple of sentences are depressing.Y do u want to parents to talk about it??.Actually they are showing their love towards u n u have grown up to b a great person.Still u want them to talk about it.Do u think love should be talked happens wen frequencies of both persons match.
This generation wants evrything to b talked about n to b highlighted,which i think is so sick.
May u find ur love soon ...bye

Anonymous said...

I wud agree with Aditya on his comment. To add a little more, luv is like magnetism - no one can see it, but can only feel it. We all experience luv, its just tat we get confused naming the relationships with people whom we luv.


Minnie said...

Sush.. love can rarely be explained. Its just an unimaginable feeling that engulfs one. Sometimes we love people with no particular reason and yet we can't exactly define the relationships. So what i think is that we needn't worry about defining relationships and all, just take love as it comes because it can never diminish. We will always have more than enough love to give.